Wizards by Rich

The Indexer Wizards presented here run as a stand-alone program. They produce gcode to be used with Mach3 or WinCNC and are designed to be used with a rotary axis, also called an indexer. They will easily allow you to create unique work pieces that are difficult to do in any other way.




The Indexer Wizards are written to work with Mach3 or WinCNC. They have not been tested to work with other CNC controllers. You must be running Mach3 version 3.042.029 or WinCNC version 2.4.09. Support will only be provided for the Indexer Wizards when they run with the above supported controllers.


The Indexer Wizards should be able to run on any computer running Windows XP or higher.




The Indexer Wizards are designed to allow you to cut cylindrical objects on your rotary axis. These objects range from simple cylinders to complex newel posts with tapers, flutes, spirals and carvings. The wizards consist of a few basic operations (called work operations) that can be combined in unlimited ways without having to write any gcode. Work operations include rounding, spirals, flutes, waves, polygons, tool change, wrap gcode on a cylinder and custom. The custom work operation allows you to include custom gcode.


The Indexer Wizards create one gcode output file that can be directly used by Mach3 or WinCNC to cut the object you have designed. The object is designed by entering the parameters required for each work operation that you want to add to your object. The Indexer Wizards convert these parameters to gcode. At any time you can save your work to a gcode file. You do not have to finish your design in one session. You can save your file and exit the wizards and then, at a later time, reopen the file and finish your design.


The wizards are designed to allow bi-directional operation. This means that at any time you can open a file created by the Indexer Wizards and modify your design in any way that you wish. You can change the order of work operations, add and delete work operations or change the parameters of one or more work operations. This makes it very easy to correct mistakes or change a design into something brand new.

Indexer Wizards Version 2.1.1

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